AvaBill Suite 

AvaBill suite is especially designed to satisfy the needs of all telecom service providers, regardless of the size of the company, by providing a wide range of proven OSS/BSS functionalities in today’s competitive market. It enables service providers to increase their ‘Return On Investment'(ROI), easily introduce new products and valued added services and offer superior customer service.

Informatics possesses nearly 20 years of experience in developing telecom software with the ability to understand the unique needs of the customers, analyze and respond quickly with best possible solution. We also build long-term relationships with our customers, offering them the maximum value by utilizing accumulated competencies in integration, support and many other managed services.



Info Bank

“Next Generation Solution to Global Retail Banking Industry”

The info bank is an online and real time core banking solution that assists your company to provide your customer with a range of marketing leading service that differentiate yourself from the industrial competition.

InfoBank solution is highly scalable and based on a complete set of leading practices that covers almost all the aspects of retail banking from front end to back office. it simply allows accomplishing today’s financial alleges by controlling workflow management, transaction processing, customer service and disaster recovery and maintaining very high security standards.



Info Motor

InfoMotor is an attested registration & licensing system designed for governmental departments handling motor vehicles related documentation. It consists of several user-friendly modules administrating: client information, driving license issue, vehicle registration processes, payments, finger print & digital image capturing (InfoBioCap), workflow management system, user management, management information system reports and inquiries.

InfoMotor applications are developed using module-based architecture what allows for a high level of customization for better business results.

InfoMoter Features
– New Vehicle Registrations
– Amendments of Vehicle Ownership
– Amendments to existing vehicle Details
– Special Number Allocation
– Taxes, Fees, Penalties Maintenance
– Conduct Black Listing of Vehicles
– Catering to Branch Office Requirements
– Linking to External Parties
– SMS Status Checks on Vehicle Registrations


Info Ins

“An all-inclusive insurance software suite”

Today’s global insurance market is an increasingly complex business, where it is in the need of an integral support with a comprehensive insurance software solution that satisfies all market-leading insurance industry practices.

Infolns is a convergent product designed to meet the business requirements of general insurance companies of all sizes. It provides a complete set of modules to support the entire insurance lifecycle from underwriting, policy administration, reinsurance, general ledger, billing, claims management, payments to customer relationship management.

– Streamline complex functional processes
– Accelerate product and process changes
– Improved system efficiency
– Supporting global needs
– Deliver superior customer service
– Advanced risk management
– Reduced cost from single system implementation


Info Track

InfoTrack is an efficient project portfolio management software that eases businesses to manage their entire project portfolio life cycle. It enables for effective monitoring of all stages of project execution with a special focus on budgetary requirements and deadlines.

InfoTrack helps making important management decisions using real time data analysis. With a comprehensive portfolio listing. it gives an overall perspective and an in-depth understanding of all projects. Subsequently. better project and Portfolio management maximizes productivity and enhances resources allocation. InfoTrack provides business driven Portfolio Management and Project Management in assisting small to large scale global teams to make the near real-time decisions to deliver Business and Customer value. The near real-time nature and elastic scalability nature are the two key features of InfoTrack. Informatics is an IBM software partner and we continue to provide you with excellence.

Key Differentiators
– Anywhere,Anytime — Web-based solution
– Simplified Monitoring
– Globally distributed project management
– Forecasting and Budgeting
– Task Management
– Verifying actuals vs forecasts real-time
– Intuitive dashboard and reporting
– IT
– Construction
– Professional Services



“Managing Borders, Protecting Nations”

Enabling system integration and collaborating proactively with real time operations, InfoBorder provides the total control over the complete life cycle of border control which includes Arrival, Departure and Transfer of Passengers.

Following the current global trends in border management and security, InfoBorder is focused on preventing national security threats and imminent threats from ever reaching physical borders and will act as the last line of defense. The optimized search engines of the system is capable of retrieving accurate and detailed records of each passenger in and out through border counters in just seconds.

InfoBorder comes with many progressive core modules and functionalities that are customizable and easy to use along with the most efficient customer service. InfoBorder possesses the capability to grow and adapt support from many companion products and external systems to improve operational management and business performance.

InfoBorder has stood by its assurance to provide an outstanding service in Border Control, by winning the best e-government award in the Asia Paci¬fic Region in FutureGov Summit and Best e-government solution in the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) 2012 for InfoETA- Electronic Travel Authorization.



“Totally Powerful, Fully Integrated, Extremely Easy”

Most of the data in almost every company exists as “Unstructured Data”, even though the information is extremely critical, needs to be perfectly shared and highly secured. This is where the record management becomes a crucial factor for every sort of business.

OmniEDoc Is a comprehensive electronic Document Management System (DMS) that offers a customizable and highly secured automatic way of organizing and managing the information of your company.

Further, OmniEDoc provides enterprise grade business productivity enhancements and adds more value to the end-users by providing many enterprise features. It also Can to integrated with any existing application by using Web Service APlS; that actually gives the power of a DMS while maintaining the core legacy system functionality.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Now it’s easy to know all your customer information, all the time. Whether you’re using our CRM software through a web browser, connected to it locally on your network, or syncing it when you’re out of the office, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information available. You’ll be more productive and effective. It’s a CRM solution that coordinates all your company’s departments, so they easily share information with each other, better than anyone else.

The CRM Strategy

Customer relationship management is often thought of as a business strategy that enables businesses to improve in a number of areas. The CRM strategy allows you to following:

– Understand the customer
– Retain customers through better customer experience
– Attract new customers
– Win new clients and contracts
– Increase profitably
– Decrease customer management costs

CRM View

“If everything is important, then nothing is important.”

This old saying holds true when you are pressed for time. Often, you may find yourself working on some trivial tasks leaving you with little or no time to focus on the important ones. The CRM View intelligently scans your customers according to their stages in the sales cycle. It’s categorized based on the leads, customers and potential customers, which gives you a fair idea of the activities that demand your attention.